With a varied range of outdoor media panels at Pomedia, since 2002 till today we are always looking forward to keep providing our clients a positive outdoor MEDIA experience, and we are firmly committed for offering the best locations in order to grant ourclients a strong competitive advantage.
Pomedia covers many regions from South to North in addition to Al Jabal, Keserwen:
Beirut:Old New Airport Road-Hazmieh-Hadth-Jamous-Hadi Nasrallah-Msharfieh-Tayyouneh.
Saida: Majdelyoun - Abra - Sharhabil - Kharoubeh - Maksar Al Abed.
Zahrani: Ghazieh - Zahrani Roundabout - Darbessim - Zahrani Nabatieh.
Tyre: Qasmieh - Sarafand - Tyr Highway - Tyr Entrance - All Tyr villages.
Nabatieh: Marjeyoun - Najarieh - Inside Nabatieh - All Nabatieh villages.
Al Maten: Beit Meri - Broumana Highway - Baabdat Highway.
Al Jabal: Kahale - Aley-Sawfar - Bhamdoun - Felougha - Dahr El Baydar.
Keserwen: Zouk - Jounieh - Jbeil.
North: Batroun - madfoun - kalamoun - Tripoli - etc.
More and more.